【Open Summit 2016】Open Forum 2016

【Open Summit 2016】Open Forum 2016(GIS FORUM TOKYO 96)

Subject: "The specific actions for the open standards in 2016"


Sponsored by: The Open Group Japan
Co-sponsored by: The Open Group
Research Environment for Global Information Society, Inc.
(ReGIS Inc.)
Date & Time: March 11 , 2016 (Fri.)
 Part 1 13:30--18:25 (13:00 Reception)
 Part 2 18:30--20:30 (18:20 Reception)
Place: Tokyo American ClubB2F
Part 1:Manhattan III   Part 2:Brooklyn III



This time, we welcome Mr. Koichi Akashi, Director-General for Trade Policy from METI to give us greetings as the special guest.
Following to Mr. Koichi Akashi, Mr. Junkyo Fujieda will be the opening remarks as the sponsor and also he will provide you with the presentation on "Challenging to the open standard based global innovation".
And we also welcome Mr. Steve Nunn, President and CEO of The Open Group – a global consortium that enables the achievement of business objectives through IT standards- will presents its activities in 2016.
Following key members of The Open Group will provide you with "The specific actions for the open standards in 2016 ".

Dr. Michihiko Minoh, Kyoto Univ.:Presentation on Kyoto Univ. EA as a Long
                    Range 10 years plan
Dr. Shuichiro Yamamoto, Nagoya Univ.: O-DA concept & use case challenge
Mr. Satoshi Kitsuki, NISSAN MOTOR CO., LTD.: 10 years of EA progress
Mr. Naoki Ishihama, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
                    : O-DA, Dependability challenge
Mr. Kenji Wakasugi, FUJITSU LIMITED: Global Vision 2016 and Standard

We would like you to understand that the aggressive participation to the global ICT standards should be the essential for Japan to hold the leader position in 21th century.
We highly appreciate your participation to this forum as following members.
The Open Group members, TOGAF Certified architects, GIS Forum members, CRM Association Japan members and visitors would be also welcomed to join this Forum.


-Part 1- Tokyo American Club B2F Manhattan III
Opening Remarks
 Mr. Koichi Akaishi, Director-General for Trade Policy,
 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
"The Open Group activities and guidelines in 2016"
 Mr. Steve Nunn, CEO & President, The Open Group
"Challenging to the open standard based global innovation":
 Junkyo Fujieda,
 Chairman of The Open Group Japan, CEO &
 President, ReGIS Inc. "
"Global vision of Kyoto University toward 2020"
 Dr. Michihiko Minoh, Professor,
 Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies,
 Director-General, Institute for Information
 Management and Communication,
 Chief Information Officer, Kyoto University
"Guide for O-DA use case"
 Dr. Shuichiro Yamamoto, Professor, Strategy Office,
 Information and Communications Headquarters,
 Nagoya University
"The EA introduction and its effect in NISSAN MOTOR CO., LTD"
 Mr. Satoshi Kitsuki, General Manager,
 Enterprise Architecture Dept.,
 Global IT Division, NISSAN MOTOR CO., LTD
"High dependability in JAXA"
 Mr. Naoki Ishihama, Assistant Research Engineer,
 Research Unit III, Research and Development Directorate,
 Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA)
"Fujitsu's Global strategy and standardization"
 Mr. Kenji Wakasugi, Chief Architect,
 Systems Integration Technology Unit,
 Integration Service Business, FUJITSU LIMITED
Panel Discussion
Theme:"The Roll of Enterprise Architecture"
  Junkyo Fujieda, Chairman of The Open Group Japan, CEO &
 President, ReGIS
Closing Address
Part 1 Close
Part 2 Tokyo American Club B2F Brooklyn III
【Joint Communication Meeting together with GIS Forum &
The Open Group Members and Visitors】
Opening Speech:
 Dr. Michihiko Minoh, Professor,
 Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies,
 Kyoto University
Part 2 Close
Deadline March 3, 2016 (Thu.)
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e-Mail: forum2@re-gis.com
The Open Group Japan & ReGIS Inc.