O-DA(Open Dependability through Assuredness™)


The Open Group standardized the O-DA in 2013. The O-DA explains definitions of terms and concepts such as dependability, high assurance, assurance case, O-DA framework and guidelines.

In order to be convinced that the implementation of the architecture satisfies the dependability requirements, the following high assurance (Assuredness) is required. In other words, it is necessary for stakeholders to agree that satisfactory level of evidence is provided.

The assurance case is a method of documentation that clarifies decisions to be confirmed step by step into subordinate arguments and proof by evidence. In the aerospace and automotive fields where high safety is required the creation of guarantee cases is mandatory.

In the O-DA framework, the responsible person can explain the responsibility to explain the request that the system should assure, and use the assurance case for the stakeholder during operations not only normal but also failure cases.

The O-DA guideline introduces a method of confirming that the architecture has specified properties using the assurance case.

Up until now, O-DA version officially released is O-DA version 1.0 but we are organizing working group planning to upgrade to version 2.0 under The Open Group Real-time & Embedded Systems forum.

Anyway, if you are The Open Group members and even currently non-member interested in joining the working group, please register your interest to Mr. Joseph I. Bergmann <j.bergmann@opengroup.org> or Junkyo Fujieda <jfujieda2@re-gis.com> with your name, organization, business or academic position, your personal address, telephone, and email address.

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